Abstracts of the Talks

Amnon Neeman (Canberra), Talk 1
Title: Ohkawa's theorem on Bousfield classes forming a set, its consequences and modern developments.
Abstract: This will be a survey talk. It will start with Adams' work on localisation of spectra, Bousfield's correction and the definition of Bousfield classes, Ohkawa's theorem and where it fits in the framework, and the many modern ramifications.

Amnon Neeman (Canberra), Talk 2
Title: Strong generation in derived categories of schemes
Abstract: We'll review results on strong generation in triangulated categories and Rouquier dimension. The recent result is about strong generation in the derived category of quasicoherent sheaves on a scheme. A version of Ohkawa's theorem comes in at a subtle point.

Amnon Neeman (Canberra), Talk 3
Title: Separable monoids in derived categories of schemes
Abstract: Balmer defined and studied separable monoids in tensor triangulated categories. We will recall the work. The new result is that in the derived category of quasi coherent sheaves on a noetherian scheme, the only separable monoids are the "obvious" ones.