A Year in Scotland

I visited Edingburgh University in the academic year 1990/91, and worked with Andrew Ranicki. This was made possible by a grant from Josai University, and I really appreciate that. I also thank my colleagues of Josai University for taking over my classes and allowing me a year's leave. And I thank my host Andrew Ranicki for kindly arranging everything for me, from my house to my eldest son's school. I met many nice people in Edinburgh and really enjoyed the year.

The day we arived in Edinburgh, we could move into our house, thanks to Andrew's arrangement. That night our younger son had a fit while sleeping, and we were very upset. We did not have such an experience before. I did not know what to do and I did not even know the emergency number to call, so I ran to the next door and asked for help. The man next door immediately let us into his car and tried to take us to the hospital, but he was also upset and hit a Mercedes of another neighbor which came in our way! Anyway we finally arrived at the hospital. My son was further moved to the Children's Hospital, this time in an ambulance, and was treated and spent a night there. This was my first experience of an ambulance. Andrew also came to the hospital and helped us moving to and from the hospital.

My younger son recovered the next morning, and could play with toys in the play area. He even asked a nurse to get a wooden jigsaw puzzle on the shelf by saying "Pazur" (a Japanese way of pronouncing Puzzle) to her.

Well there is no end to this so I stop here and show you some of the pictures I took in Scotland.

Masayuki Yamasaki

The first picture is my eldest son standing beside a pig made of wood. I took this on the Royal Mile of the Old Town of Edinburgh. The town itself is very nice, but the most striking object in town is Arthur's Seat, an old volcano! The view of the town from there is really marvelous. There is a cliff called the Salisbury Crags on the western side, and there are basalt columns called Samson's Ribs on the southern side : google search -- Arthur's Seat Wikipedia:Holyrood Park

a wooden pig

the top

the Salisbury Crags

from the Holyrood Palace

The Edinburgh Castle is standing on a huge rock. When they made a tunnel through this rock, they get many pieces of rocks and they mad paper weights. I bought one for myself at the souvenir shop of the Castle.

entrance gate

a big cannon

a view of the station and
the Princess Street from the castle

In the autumn of 1990, we went to Denmark to attend a mini-workshop held at Odense University. This is where I first met Eric Pedersen. Odense is famous for the Hans Christian Andersen Musium. We visited Copenhagen other towns too.

H. C. Andersen Museum

Hamlet's castle

I lived in the southern suburb of Edinburgh. It was close the Department of Mathematics, University of Edinburgh.

the entrance

a nearby football field

the house I rented

University of Edinburgh

near Blackford Hill

Castles (1) Craigmiller Castle : google search

Castles (2) Tantallon Castle : google search

The First Trip to Highland
I made a trip to Aberdeen to give a talk there. I also visited several places in Highland. The first site is Dunnottar Castle. It stands on a rock on the seashore.

Castles (3) Dunnottar Castle : google search

Aberdeen and its suburbs

an amusement park

an old bridge

just like
a roller coaster

Loch Ness and Urkhart Castle : google search google search

Castles (4) Eilean Donan Castle, near the Isle of Skye : google search

the Isle of Skye : google search

a strange scenery

Old Man of Storr


waterfall site

Bruce Hughes and I shared the office during our stay. This is a picture we took when we walked on the Blackford Hill. The view of Arthur's Seat from here is great.

My younger son Hisashi first went to a kindergarten near our house for a week, but he did not like the teacher, so he quit there and joined a playgroup and then changed to another playgroup. These pictures show the activities of the playgroup. I accompanied my younger son during the first week, I really enjoyed it, partly because one of the two teachers was very beautiful.

a sports day

I really liked her!

My eldest son Kotaro went to Liberton Primary School. During the first month, I visited the school every day and helped him for one or two hours.
He was in the class of Mrs. Boa. She was such an interesting person. One day she started to sell her old car to me during the class, and persuaded me into buying it.
Everyday she read a book to the children. When I was helping my son, she was reading Roald Dahl's "The Witch". It was so scary and good, so I ran to a bookstore and bought a copy.
The children of the class were all very kind to my son. My son liked giving jokes and riddles to his friends, so I bought a big book of jokes and riddles and taught him one or two everyday.


sports day

a trip to England and Wales
Since I attended a meeting held in Sussex, we had a family trip.

Borders and Lake District

a stone circle

we stayed in
a youth hostel

My wife and her mother travelled to Spain in a group tour and became friends with a retired couple from Wales. We visited them and stayed in their house in Wales. Their daughter Charlotte was a student of University of Edinburgh. She is now a mother of twin girls.
The pictures below show an international high school in the town. It is near the seashore. The school has a class of cliff-climbing! Charlotte and his brother graduated from that school, and showed us the campus. There we met a Japanese girl from Kyoto. She also gave us a guide. She looked very bright. I wonder what she is doing now!


While I attended a meeting at Isle of Thorns, Sussex, my family visited a friend's parents' house and stayed threre for a week. See the picture below. The brick part of the house was very old!

This is a monument on the border of England and Scotland.

ruin of an abbey

The Second Trip to Highland
We had a short trip to Highland with our niece.

Glen Coe : google search
There are many midges, and they are really annoying! Be careful! google search

St. Andrews

Edinburgh Festival


from Japan!

Morimoto-san and his family visited us.

Time to Go Home!

we said good-bye
to the lollipop man

at the Ranickis

Ida's collection

the last day
in Edinburgh